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How To Start A Beauty Blog Successfully In 5 Minutes

Let’s learn how to start a beauty blog successfully today. If you are into makeup, cosmetics, skincare, hair, fashion, nails, etc. Then, one day with hard work you will be a beauty blogger full-time.

How To Start A Beauty Blog Successfully In 5 Minutes

Blogging always works when you are interested in what you are writing about. I will give you tips to help you make money and become a top website owner.


Popular beauty blogs that you might be reading.


To become a blogger you are going to need a blog. 

If you want to start off a winner I highly recommend that you never start with the Premium website option or I know that you are probably familiar with Blogger and I know that it is free, but don’t. It is extremely hard to make a living with Blogger and you will end up having to get an unprofessional domain like Your domain name is important. The stats show that Blogger blogs receive less clicks on Google, they are bad for beginners seeking to create an effective brand, and they get less shares. On top of all that they don’t rank well in search.


You are going to need your own hosting plan.

When it comes to hosting I recommend SiteGround. You can sign up with SiteGround before breakfast time. SiteGround can be installed in less than 5 minutes. When it comes to month to month hosting, SiteGround is unmatched. 

SiteGround will only cost you $3.95 a month when you choose their StartUp web hosting plan. You also are given the option of choosing their GrowBig or GoGeek plan. In this article, I compared the GrowBig and StartUp hosting packages

Regardless of what plan you choose, you are going to pay for your hosting and more with these awesome monetizing tips below.

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Affiliate marketing part 1

You can start making money online immediately by promoting beauty products. What makeup products are you using right now? Most companies have affiliate programs. All you have to do is sign up for their program and put a link to them within your blog post. For example, I love the new (Burt’s Bees Everyday Essential Beauty Kit), I bought from Amazon. If someone clicks on that link and buys something you will get a piece of the sale. This is probably the best way you will make money. You will get commission and your reader is going to get to try out a new product. Everybody wins! To maximize your income any product or service that you mention in your post make sure that you add an affiliate link to it.


Part 2

To find affiliate programs for your niche go to Google and type in your niche and then affiliate program. For example, type in beauty referral program in Google search. Right away you see Sally Beauty Affiliate program which offers a 12% commission. Think about products that people like and are popular such as Bare Minerals, Origins, Sephora, MAC, Chanel, etc. You have a lot of options. Make sure that you are using all of your options.


Part 3

Not only can you promote bath, hair, and makeup products, but you can promote equipment. There are many people looking for Salon equipment and equipment for personal use and they need suggestions and reviews. That is where you come in. When it comes to things like styling chairs, styling kits, dryers, cases, etc. There is a potential to make more money because these things cost more.


Part 4 

Lastly remember this, with affiliate marketing you don’t need a lot of traffic. You need targeted traffic. If you can achieve 200 visitors a day, which is a piece of cake that can easily lead to $300 a month. That amount will only increase as time goes on.


Join BlogHer

BlogHer is a great ad network for women. You can earn money by writing reviews, sweepstakes drawings, but the most popular way is by displaying BlogHer ads on your blog. The amount of money you will make with BlogHer will depend on the amount of people that read a post that shows ads and how many clicks that ad gets. When it comes to ad networks obviously the more traffic the bigger the check. There are many bloggers who reveal there income reports and they show that they are making $500 and up with BlogHer alone.


Sell your own stuff

So now that we have two monetizing strategies out of the way let’s talk about selling things. Why aren’t you doing it? If your reader likes you because you are an awesome fun blogger, then they are going to want to try your stuff. Sell your own makeup and sell your secrets. There are beauty recipes that you have that no one doesn’t. Turn it into an actual product or you can make an ebook and give people secret recipes. There are people selling ebooks for $20, you don’t have to do that. You can sell a beauty ebook for $1.99 and still make a good profit. You must remember that all these different strategies are adding up. It’s not just one strategy that you are going to use. You are going to use them altogether. You can sell your own products in the fashion niche, weight loss niche, etc. There is a huge market for selling beauty products! You don’t have to be the middleman. Sell your own and keep everything.


Review people’s products

Many companies will pay you to try and review their products on your site. Some companies pay more than others, but this is a big win for three reasons. It is a big win because you are getting something that you didn’t have to pay for. It is a win because you will receive money for a single blog post. Lastly it is a win because you can make money if the company has an affiliate program. There are many websites that will help you out with this such as



A blog will open up so many doors that you didn’t even think of opening. Some people started blogging as a hobby. Now they are well known makeup artists. Now they are well known hair stylists. Now they are well known photographers. Your blog will eventually open up a lane so you can offer your services to people in your area and maybe even throughout the United States. The sky is the limit. You can do anything that you set your mind to.


Make sure that you vlog part 1

This is a must for people who want to become a successful beauty blogger. You are going to need to start vlogging. Most if not all beauty bloggers have a Youtube Channel. You are probably subscribed to one of them. How will it help me you ask?


Part 2

It will help you by giving your blog exposure. Plain and simple people want to get to know the person behind the blog and the person behind the camera. Once people start seeing you more and more and start getting to see your awesome personality that will result in more usual readers and help your brand. People will search Google for your blog. As your Youtube subscribers grow so will your daily traffic.


Part 3

Vlogging adds to the money stream. With vlogging you will make money as well by monetizing your Youtube channel. You can collab and have Google hangouts with our bloggers and help each other out. Build a friendship with others. Feed off of each other’s viewers.


Part 4

Do you have a camera for making Videos? Not only are you going to need one for Youtube, but you are going to need one for photos of you and photos of your product. A beauty blog requires a lot of pictures. If you don’t have a DSLR and you are on a budget, two cameras that I recommend are the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and the Nikon D3200.


Other income

There are others ways that you can turn your blog into income such as by signing up for Google Adsense, which is another ad network. Some beauty bloggers are making $1000 and up with Adsense. There are other ad networks out there such as Glitter Network, BlogAds, Federated Media, IZEA, and more. There are so many other ways to make money. You just have to think and see what works best for your site.


Make sure that you make a Pinterest business account part 1.

Out of all the social media sites Pinterest will aid you the most. Right when you start using it and you start creating boards and pins you will see a spike in your daily traffic. For one of my new sites I was only getting about 80 visitors a day. As soon as I started promoting on Pinterest my traffic jumped to 300 visitors a day. Pinterest is a game changer and I personally guarantee you that it will be a blessing to your blog.


Part 2 

Make sure that you join the different group boards in your niche. Group boards are where you can post your content in a community. Group boards will result in more clicks and more followers. Just by typing in beauty group in Pinterest I see a lot of boards that you can join. Don’t just try to join the big ones, but try to join the small ones as well. A little goes a long way.



If you don’t already have an Instagram account make one. If you put #blogger on Instagram you will find out that most bloggers on Instagram are beauty and fashion bloggers. Your Instagram followers are going to turn into sales, clients, and readers. If you market effectively you will see that there is a huge avenue for bloggers on IG. You can even install Instagram Feed which displays beautifully clean, customizable, and responsive feeds from your Instagran account on your blog.


Are Pinterest and Instagram going to be the only social media profiles that you make? Of course not.

Make sure that you create a Facebook Business account, Twitter, Vine, Google Plus, etc. Any social media site that you think can help you do not hesitate to create it. All these different platforms will help you in the future. You will reap the benefits of your labor.


Guest post

Make sure that you are writing guest posts for other beauty blogs. Doing this will help you gain exposure. Writing guest posts will also help you to get backlinks. Backlinks help you rank better in Google search. Don’t be afraid to also let people write a post on your blog. As time goes on you will see that more and more people will contact you to write on your blog.


Interact with others

There is a huge community of beauty bloggers out there. Make sure that you interact with people. Not only with other writers and vloggers, but to your readers. Build a relationship through your different social media platforms and allow people to contact you. Another great thing about hosting your own blog is that you will get your own company contact email such as


Let’s start! In 5 minutes you can have your own website and start writing. Click here to open SiteGround in another tab. 60% discount
  • Choose a plan
  • Enter a domain name
  • Add your account information
  • Let their preinstall wizard do the rest.


You need to choose a theme!

I never recommend using a free theme from WordPress. You are better off buying your own theme. Most of your favorite bloggers are using the Genesis theme, which is the industries best. It is fast and it will help you rank better.


The best themes for beauty bloggers from Genesis.



You are going to probably have a lot of affiliate links in your blog posts. When you start blogging make sure that you go to the plugins area and install the Title and Nofollow For Links plugin. With this plugin when you link to the affiliate company you will have the option to nofollow it. This is good because you don’t want Google to penalize you for too many affiliate links and this plugin keeps you safe. Here are some other plugins that I recommend

  • Install the Yoast Plugin.
  • Any share plugin will suffice.


Don’t give up. We all have to start somewhere. 

Your blog is not going to be the best blog in the world in a few months. Let’s be realistic. Don’t think about a get rich quick scheme. Think about working smart and hard and one day you will be happy at the progress of your blog. Always remember this, when you’re at the bottom you can only go up. Start today.


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